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The ET 10 is a countertop dryer specific for pasta, equipped with 4 fans which, through a homogeneous air flow and a humidity level control, dry pasta in a uniform way like big and static pasta dryers do.

The dryer ET 10 has a pre-set basic recipe for the correct drying of pasta but it is possible to add other personalized recipes.
Through a display which is easy to use, all the parameters such as temperature and humidity can be easily and accurately set in order to control the drying process at each stage so as to obtain the best result. It is also possible to handle the recirculation and the disposal of saturated air.

All its parts made of stainless steel and glass, the inside walls and the air cleaner are removable and easily washable.
It can be provided with optional accessories such as the sanitizing system with UV rays which, if present, are automatically activated as to sanitize the air and guarantee an high-quality product. The dryer can also be equipped with an integrated Wi-fi system that allows to handle the all process from a smartphone, PC or tablet even from remote.

The ET 10 is specifically optimized for pasta. It has a preset recipe for pasta drying and it provides the possibility for the user, through the touch screen, to program 8 more recipes. For each recipe, 32 distinct phases can be programmed, and each of them can be repeated 32 times. On each phase you can set:
- Time for ON (in terms of minutes)
- Time for OFF (in terms of minutes)
- Temperature (up to 70°C)
- % Humidity (from 10% to 90%)


- Total drying capacity: 3mq (almost 10kg of fresh pasta)
- Capacity: 12 stainless steel pasta trays 60x40 cm
- Max temperature: 70°C
- Stainless steel structure
- Touch screen display
- Technology of automatic recirculation and saturated air disposal
- Personalized programs with self-selection of temperature, relative humidity and fan action or switching off, load cycle and maintenance cycle at the end of the work stages, to preserve the dried product up to the moment in which the operator extracts it from the machine


- Sanitizing system with UV-C rays
- Wi-Fi System
- Drysilk - Teflon glass fiber sheet cm 40x60 (for sticky products)
- Drysilk Net - food plastic net  cm 44x60 (for sticky products)
- Trays in stainless steel cm 40x60x1,5h
- Moisture meter


- Voltage: 220/50Hz 1Ph - 220V/60Hz 1Ph
- Power: 2,2 kW
- Capacity: 10kg/h
- Tray dimension: cm 60x40
- Dimension: cm 88x63x55h
- Weight: 70 kg

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