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The CS counter-top electric pasta cooker station allows you to prepare excellent pasta in just a few minutes while keeping the sauces warm. Revolutionary automatic pasta cooker with a patented fume suction system and therefore does not require a room equipped with a suction hood. The machine is fully automatic and allows a considerable saving in terms of time: it is sufficient to load the basket up to 500gr of pasta and press a button on the control panel. The basket will automatically go down and then rise again at the end of the set timer, with the pasta already drained. The machine lends itself perfectly both to revive the pre-cooked pasta and not.
Beside the baskets, an automatic bain-marie system allows you to keep warm up to four different sauces; the crack in the upper part of the trays allows the humidity generated by the bain-marie to replenish the water contained in the sauces and prevents it from drying out. Entirely in stainless steel, it can work without being connected to the water supply.

The CS pasta cooker is available in two versions: with two baskets, which with its 60cm is ideal for those with space problems or with four baskets, which allows you to prepare up to 240 dishes in an hour.


- Voltage: 220V/50Hz 1ph - 220V/60Hz 1ph - 380V/50Hz 3ph - 220V/60Hz 3ph
- Max power: 2400W
- Dimensions: cm 60x53x60h
- Weight: 37kg
- 150 Portions/Hour



- Voltage: 220V/50Hz 1ph - 220V/60Hz 1ph - 380V/50Hz 3ph - 220V/60Hz 3ph
- Max power: 3100W
- Dimensions: cm 76,5x53x60h
- Weight: 45kg
- 240 Portions/Hour

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