• Combined ravioli and sheeter pasta machine P2 Pleasure - La Monferrina
  • Extruder
  • Automatic tagliatelle cutting
    Automatic tagliatelle cutting
  • Ravioli Unit
    Ravioli Unit
  • Combined ravioli and sheeter pasta machine P2 Pleasure - La Monferrina
  • Manuals and recipes
    Manuals and recipes
  • Manuals and recipes
    Manuals and recipes
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Condition: N e w
Guarantee: 12 months warranty
Where is: Italia


La Monferrina P2 Pleasure is much more than a combined machine and it can be described as a complete workshop for pasta professionals, "tailor-made" for meeting all the production needs.

La Monferrina P2 Pleasure, in its basic version includes: single vat, automatic sheeter and ravioli unit. It can also be supplied with double vat, as well as with double vat with extruder suitable to produce all kinds of short and long shapes of extruded pasta, by simply changing the extruding die.
The ravioli unit equipped with interchangeable moulds carries out the production of different shapes and dimensions of pre-cut ravioli.


Lineapasta supplies together with the machines and only to its customers, a user, maintenance and installation manual in paper and digital format with also a pasta recipe book, to be used with our professional machines.


- Single vat model
- Double vat model
- Double vat with extruder model.


- Single vat weight: 262 Kg
- Single vat dimensions (AxBxC): 900x1050x2040 mm
- Single vat motor power: 2600 W

- Double vat weight: 292 Kg
- Double vat dimensions (AxBxC): 900x920x2040 mm
- Double vat motor power: 3500 W

- Double vat with extruder weight: 338 Kg
- Double vat with extruder dimensions (AxBxC): 1100x1150x2040 mm
- Double vat with extruder motor power: 3700 W


- Pasta sheet width and thickness: 167/2,5 mm
- Single vat pasta sheet: 25 Kg/h
- Double vat pasta sheet: 50 Kg/h
- Tagliatelle single vat: 25 Kg/h
- Tagliatelle double vat: 50 Kg/h
- Ravioli single vat: 40/50 Kg/h
- Ravioli double vat: 70/80 Kg/h
- Extruded pasta double vat with extruder: 25/35 Kg/h