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The EC 200 pasta dryer allows to perfectly dry any type of pasta and, by appropriately setting the temperature, humidity and pause parameters, the machine can also be used to dry other types of products.
The dryer is supplied with eight trolleys with pirouetting wheels and 200 sieves in structural polyurethane for short pasta or, in alternative, with a trolley with canes for drying long pasta.

The control card allows to modify the temperature and humidity parameters for each cycle of the drying program; it is also possible to memorize customized programs to be used based on the different drying needs.
7 basic recipes are already installed in the dryer (for doughs made from re-milled semolina and water) for the following formats: maccheroni/penne, fusilli, conchiglie/paccheri rigate, orecchiette, spaghetti, caserecce and nests.
Any recipes for special formats or doughs can be made upon request by the pasta technician.

The EC 200 dryer is also equipped with a CNT function that allows the drying cycle to end when the set ambient humidity level is reached (it can be performed only after at least 8 hours of drying);
in fact, the motorized valves allow the air characteristics to be maintained inside the dryer based on the setted parameters.

The air is heated by armored stainless steel heating elements while the deflectors orient it on each frame to obtain a uniform flow and result.
The electrical panel is CE compliant and is equipped with an end-of-drying program warning light.



- 8 trolleys with 200 in structural polyurethane for short pasta or 1 trolley with canes for long pasta. Wooden sieves are also available on request.



- Water batteries
- Additional trolley for short pasta with 25 sieves
- Additional trolley with canes for long pasta



Lineapasta provides together with the machines and only to its customers, a manual of use, maintenance and installation.


- Voltage: 400V/50Hz 3ph - 220V/60Hz 3Ph
- Installed power: 36.600W (8 motorized fans 0,85Kw, 2 exactors 0,4Kw, 12 electric resistances 2,20Kw each, 6 butterfly motorized valves)
- Temperature: 0° - 100°
- Nominal capacity: 800 kg/cycle
- Recommended capacity: 600 kg/cycle
- Trolley size: mm 600x1200x130
- Sieve size: mm 600x1200x55
- Dryer dimensions: mm 1670x5000x2260h + mm 350 extractors
- Weight: 620kg

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