Buysse Malton spiral mixer
Second hand

Buysse Malton spiral mixer in stainless steel, for meat, salt, marinade, etc. products It has a 120 [...]

Kneader Conti 48L
Second hand

Spiral kneader Conti SP-40 (used one year and three months)cm 49x89x132 Dough capacity: 40kg Capacit[...]

Spiral kneader 85L - Fuerpla
Second hand

Spiral kneader 85L - Fuerpla. To replace only a gasket due to a small loss of oil.SPECIFICATIONS:- D[...]

Prietroberto BlueMix 80 planetary mixer
Second hand

Prietroberto BlueMix 80 planetary mixer from 2011. Composed of a sturdy welded and enamelled steel s[...]