Sheeter 250mm
Second hand

Sheeter with a sheet width of 250mm, the upper tank of large size stainless steel is suitable to rec[...]

Automatic Cutter Aldo Cozzi TS 160
Second hand

Automatic pasta cutter with interchangeable moulds for calibration and cutting sheet of pasta into t[...]

Pasta sheeter 140 - Toresani
Second hand

Toresani Sheeter, pasta sheet width 140mm.The rolls have undergone a heat treatment of nickel platin[...]

Automatic cutter TA160 - Aldo Cozzi
Second hand

Automatic cutter TA160 - Aldo Cozzi, made in 2012. Almost new machine with only a few hours of work.[...]

Pasta sheeter A500 - Dominioni
Second hand

Pasta sheeter of the company Dominioni, model A500. The side rails can be opened for better cleaning[...]

Automatic sheeter and ravioli machine Futura Evolution 160
Second hand

Automatic sheeter and ravioli machine, patented for the production of any type of pasta. It can prod[...]

Pasta sheeter 610mm - Torresani
Second hand

Torresani 610 mm sheeter. Hourly production: 400/500 kg.Equipped with 2 inverters. Bottom exit, with[...]

Combined machine A160R
Second hand

Combined machine for the production of ravioli, laminated pasta, tagliatelle of different sizes and [...]

Double vat pasta sheeter 160DV 25/20 - Italpast
Second hand

Double vat pasta sheeter 160DV 25/20 - Italpast, made in 1997.ACCESSORIES:- Pasta sheet cutterSPECIF[...]