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The line consists of a Zindo machine model IMP CO-N3 in which dough is prepared, two Zindo Baresina 6 x 4 machines producing pasta, control and instrumentation.
The line is now dismantled. The price includes the following items as in the pictures:

1. Machine Zindo model IMP CO-N3, year 2016, it is a machine with a mixer which prepares the dough (1 photo of the machine, 1 photo of the plate)
2. Palette with new spare parts for the line - knives and rollers (1 photo - palette)
3. Element for Zindo IMP CO-N3 (1 picture)
4. Legs on which Zindo IMP CO-N3 is standing (1 photo)
5. Line control cabinet (1 photo)
6. Line element (1 picture)
7. Line elements, blue transporter for transporting ready-made pasta and other line elements (1 photo)
8. Tripods 3 pieces, forms 8 pieces, forms 4 pieces (3 pictures of tripods + 3 pictures with forms)
9. Zindo Baresina 6x4 machine, serial number 64223, year 2016 (1 photo of the machine + 1 photo of the plate)
10. Zindo Baresina 6x4 machine, serial number 64222, year 2019 (1 photo of the machine + 1 photo of the plate)
11. Screws and nuts for fixing molds in Zindo Baresina machines

The line only worked 1700 hours.
The capacity of each Baresina machine is 150 Kg/h, i.e. two machines together produce 300 Kg/h.
Efficient and complete with 8 molds with six holes, 4 molds with three holes.

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