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  • Pasta maker Compatta
  • Pasta maker Compatta
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Pasta maker Compatta - 2980

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Caserecce 67.50€
Fusilli 67.50€
Pappardelle 67.50€
Pappardelle ricce 67.50€
Bucatini 67.50€
Spaghetti 67.50€
Capelli d'angelo 67.50€
Bigoli 67.50€
Spaghetti alla chitarra 67.50€
Tagliolini 67.50€
Linguine 3*1,6 67.50€
Linguine 4*1,6 67.50€
Fettuccine 67.50€
Cannellone 67.50€
Gramigna 67.50€
Gnocchi 67.50€
Stelline 67.50€
Riso 67.50€
Maccheroni 4,8 67.50€
Maccheroni 8,5 67.50€
Maccheroni 15 67.50€
Canestrini 67.50€
Pasta foglia 94.5€
Senza fori 67.50€


Compatta is an automatic pasta machine to mix and mould egg pasta and flour pasta in different shapes with electronic pastry cutter and cooling system, for the production of pasta: just insert the ingredients and in a few minutes the pasta is ready in the types and sizes you want. 
The machine guarantees maximum hygiene for the parts in contact with the dough are easily removable for cleaning, all parts are made in stainless steel. 
Metal construction, with movements on ball bearings and lifetime lubrication, virtually maintenance-free. 
Model built according to national and international safety regulations.

This model doesn't include any die.


- Structure lined with scratchproof paint
- Bath and dough hook Stainless steel
- Propeller alloy of brass / bronze
- Microswitch on basin lid
- Electronic pastry cutter
- Expulsion area cooling
- Stand


- Dies in brass/bronze alloy for the production of the pasta type depending on the chosen format.
Stainless steel pasta trolley (pasta trays not included)
Perforated pasta trays


Power: 1 kW (1,3 HP)
Power: 380V/50Hz 3Ph - 220V/60Hz 3Ph
Tank capacity: 8 Kg
Production rate: 25 kg/h
Die diameter: 78mm
Dimensions: 450x720x750-990H (mm)
Net Weight: 87 Kg
Gross Weight: 97 kg
Package dimensions: 1000x800x940h (mm)
Volume package: 0.524 m³

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