• Fresh pasta machine MA30 KARINA - Vicentia
  • Fresh pasta machine MA30 KARINA - Vicentia
  • Fresh pasta machine MA30 KARINA - Vicentia
  • Fresh pasta machine MA30 KARINA - Vicentia
  • Fresh pasta machine MA30 KARINA - Vicentia
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The MA30 KARINA fresh pasta machine is a small, sturdy and easy to use professional machine. Designed for family use, it allows you to produce more than 100 long and short pasta shapes, including the 160mm adjustable pasta sheet (dies available for purchase separately). It does not require any type of maintenance even with intensive use; just a thorough cleaning at the end of the job will be enough to keep it perfect over time, a very simple operation since all the parts are in stainless steel and can be easily removed and washed even in the dishwasher.
It is possible to use any type of flour/semolina, both whole and organic; adding coloring ingredients such as spinach, tomato, cuttlefish ink, cocoa, etc. in normal dough, colored pasta can be obtained in all formats.

The electrical panel and the control panel of the functions with the respective safety devices are built according to the current EEC standards.
On this model it is not possible to mount the cutter knife nor the penne die.

It is complete with 1 pasta tray.

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES:- 1 pasta tray with a capacity of 1 kg



- Standard/special dies
- 160mm adjustable pasta sheet die
- Gnocchi die 9 mm
- Gnocchi die 14/16 mm with single-blade knife
- Tabletop ravioli machine QUADRA
- Perforated pasta trays
- Bench ventilating support
- Trolley with fan drawer



- Kneading vat capacity: 2,7kg
- Hourly production: 5 Kg/ h
- Die diameter: 59 mm
- Weight: 25 Kg
- Dimensions: cm 38x47x27h
- Motor power: 0.50 HP
- Voltage: 220V/50Hz 1Ph (other voltages are available on request)