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Fresh pasta machine Sinfonia Ciaopasta 2 - 1282

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Moulds/accessories for Fresh pasta machine Sinfonia Ciaopasta 2

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Electronic cutter 322€
Pasta sheet die 89€
Cod. 9 Spaghetti 1,9mm 58€
Cod. 13 Bigoli/Pici Toscani 3mm 58€
Cod. 21 Linguine 3x1,6mm 58€
Cod. 25 Spaghetti quadri 2mm 58€
Cod. 32 Tagliolini 3,5mm 58€
Cod. 34 Tagliatelle 6mm 58€
Cod. 38 Pappardelle 15 mm 58€
Cod. 77 Maccheroni rigati 8mm 58€
Cod. 91 Gramigne 3mm 58€
Cod. 191 Gnocchetti sardi 19mm 58€
Cod. 220 Caserecce Strozzapreti 8,8mm 58€
Cod. 240 Fusilli 8,4mm 58€


The Sinfonia Ciaopasta 2 is a professional bench fresh pasta machine ideal for restaurants and holiday farms. This pasta machine automatically extrudes dough with any type of flour with or without eggs, gluten free and special flours in different sizes, choosing from the wide selection of bronze dies available.
The machine is equipped with a ventilated motor with oil bath gear reduction and a timed forced ventilation system that comes into operation even with the engine off.
The anodized aluminum mixing bowl has a removable hopper to allow you to pour the dough into it easily and can contain up to 2.5 kg of total dough (liquids + flour).
The machine is designed to allow easy and fast cleaning since all the parts in contact with the mixture are in stainless steel, including ring nut, auger, lid, kneading blade and hoppers.
The machine can optionally mount a cutter motor with speed variator.
Model built according to national and international accident prevention regulations.


- Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel
- IP 54 commands
- Tank in anodized aluminum
- Auger, ring nut, cover, kneading blade, stainless steel hoppers
- Engine with gears in oil bath
- Timed forced ventilation


- Bronze dies for the production of different pasta shapes
- Pasta cutter motor with speed variator
- Stainless steel paste trolley (pasta trays not includes)
- Perforated pasta trays


- Power: 370 W
- Power supply: 220V/50Hz 1Ph
- Dough capacity: 2.5 kg
- Hourly production: 5 kg/h
- Packaged dimensions: 75x58x80 cm
- Mold diameter: 59 mm
- Weight: 28 kg
- Gross weight: 37 Kg

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