Pasta machine TR95/RA
Second hand

Pasta machine TR95/RA made in 2007, with water cooling.DATI TECNICI:- Vat capacity: 6 Kg - Hourly pr[...]

Pasta machine Italpast MAC 60 VR
Second hand

Machine for the production of pasta Italpast model MC 60 VR with 4 bronze dies for the production of[...]

La Monferrina P30
Second hand

La Monferrina P30 with inverter, 2008, 7 bronze dies (paccheri, spaghetti, tagliatelle, rigatoni, gi[...]

P30 - La Monferrina
Second hand

P30 is an automatic machine, highly reliable, suitable for processing all types of flour and semolin[...]

Combined machine A160R
Second hand

Combined machine for the production of ravioli, laminated pasta, tagliatelle of different sizes and [...]

P300 press - Dominioni
Second hand

Dominioni model P300 press entirely in stainless steel.Production: 300kg/hComplete with: - mixing ta[...]