• Fresh pasta maker with double vat PI 100
  • Fresh pasta maker with double vat PI 100
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Condition: N e w
Guarantee: 12 months warranty
Where is: Italy


The fresh pasta maker PI 100 is a highly reliable machine equipped with double vat which allows to knead and extrude at the same time so it allows a continuous production of short, long, and fresh pasta sheet which can be obtained with any type of flour or semolina.
The dies can be supplied in bronze to produce a rougher and more porous pasta, better suited to retaining the sauce, or in PTFE (teflon) for a smoother and more glossy pasta.
The PI 100 is recommended for shops and laboratories, it is built entirely of stainless steel mounted on wheels and is equipped with a control panel and complies with current accident prevention regulations.

It is supplied with an automatic pasta cutter for short pasta with speed variator with 1, 2 and 4 blade knives and two pasta trays.


- Stainless steel structure
- Automatic pasta cutter
- Water cooling system
- Fan for pre-drying the pasta
- Dismountable mixing shafts


- Vertical extrusion head
- Impulse-pasta cutting device for long pasta and special shapes
- Closed circuit cooling system
- Penne cutter
- Speed variator (PI 100V): allows a variable output, particularly suitable for direct coupling with machines for ravioli, tortellini and cappelletti production.
- Other changes on request


- Power: 380V/50Hz 3ph - 220V/60Hz 3ph
- Power: 4,5 Kw (5,5 Kw PI 100V version)
- Vat capacity: 25 Kg
- Hourly production: 100kg (60-150kg for PI 100V version)
- Dimension: cm 130x110x195h
- Weight: 350 kg (380 kg for PI 100V version)