• Dryer EC 200 - La Monferrina
  • Dryer EC 200 - La Monferrina
  • Dryer EC 200 - La Monferrina
  • Dryer EC 200 - La Monferrina
  • Dryer EC 200 - La Monferrina
  • Dryer EC 200 - La Monferrina
  • Dryer EC 200 - La Monferrina
  • Manuals and recipes
    Manuals and recipes
  • Manuals and recipes
    Manuals and recipes
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Condition: N e w
Guarantee: 12 months warranty
Where is: Italy


The dryer EC 200 - La Monferrina is built with insulated panels jointed together to eliminate all internal and external hot spots.
The panels are insulated with polyurethane foam and PVC coated.

Our Company has studied a particular internal design of the drying rooms of our range so to obtain a uniformity of the air flows, temperature and humidity, in order to get a homogeneus drying process in all parts of the dryer.

The dryers are provided with a bi-directional ventilation system, humidity exhauster and air entrance valves, heat is generated by heaters or hot water batteries.
The complete cycle is controlled by humidity and temperature sensors.

The automatic drying process is controlled by a PLC witch allows to choose, by means of touch screen display, the most suitable recipe for the pasta shape to dry. This process permits to obtain the best final result guaranteed by a control at the end of the cycle by means of a test on residual moisture and stop at end cycle.

You can choose among 3 different drying phases: slow for the most demanding manufactures aiming at a high quality product, fat to reduce drying times and costs and a phase which can be programmed from customers according to their particular needs.


Lineapasta supplies together with the machines and only to its customers, a user, maintenance and installation manual in paper and digital format with also a pasta recipe book, to be used with our professional machines.


1 - Water battery
2 - Heaters
3 - Valves for steam ejection
4 - Assembling and quality control department


N° 8 trolley
N° 200 trays


- Installed power (Watt): 32400
- Trolleys quantity (nr): 8
- Trays quantity (nr): 200
- Dryer dimension (mm): 600 x 1200
- Pasta quantity (Kg): 800
- Dryer dimensions AxBxC (mm): 1750 x 5150 x 2750